2019 MEGA Officers

Patrick Mousaw, President

I started homebrewing in 2003 after my brother-in-law bought me an extract kit for Christmas. I continued to brew extract/extract with grains recipe until 2007, when I built my own mash tun out of a rectangular cooler and started all grain brewing. I started attending MEGA meetings somewhere around 2012 and quickly became active in MEGA events. I served as a Member At Large in 2016, became Secretary in 2017, and took over as President in 2019.

I have started training for the BJCP Judging Exam in 2017 but got side-tracked with my day job. The training I have done has improved my pallet and has helped me to understand how much I like (or dislike) certain ingredents and why. I hope to continue the studies and pass the BJCP exam in 2019.

I am hoping to increase the club’s membership, expand the participation in events, and have the club be a key player in reinventing the Festival of Beers (a.k.a. Mayfest) brewfest.

Chuck Bergman, Vice President

I am a local Michiana marketing professional and have been homebrewing for about 6 years. I fell in love with craft beer many years ago and have never looked at beer the same way. I encourage everyone to support local breweries and be willing to “experience new tastes.”

Jim Moler, Treasurer

I started home brewing back in the 1990’s right out of high school. Things were way different back then. My clubs name was the Brews Brothers. It was started by my step dad who owned a homebrew supply store in our basement called cap and cork, which is till going today in MI. I took over the role of Treasurer and chief Barrel tender along with MEGA swag gatherer at least 3-4 years ago.

There are very few beers I dislike. My pallet is very diverse. I’m not very good with science and the specifics of beer brewing but I make damn good beer regardless.

Ross Filipek, Secretary

I started homebrewing in 2013 after my wife gave me a starter kit, and I really got into it. I was and still am intrigued by the technical processes in brewing. Palmer’s How To Brew and podcasts on The Brewing Network were great resources for me. I enjoy the brewing process just as much as the end result. British ales are my favorite styles to brew and drink.

Jeff Wilhelm, Website & Social Media

This is a new officer position for 2017. I took on the MEGA website project after the club decided that we needed a new website. I joined the planning committee and eventually assumed the title of webmaster. I enjoy computers and technology. I enjoy working on the site and sharpening my techy skills. I also enjoy homebrewing…so it suited me perfectly! 🙂



MEGA Members-At-Large

Shawn Johnson

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Larry Peters

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