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      Jeff WilhelmJeff Wilhelm

      I have a coworker that is getting into homebrewing.   Right now,  he planning equipment purchases. He is going to do all grain,  and planning start off with 5 gallon batches,  but wants to invest in 10 gallon equipment now,  rather than later.   A few questions ..


      What size boil kettle do you use for your 10 gallon batches?

      What size and type of mash tun do you use for your 10 gallon batches?

      Are there concerns with doing 5 gallon batches with 10 gallon equipment?


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      Adam Meyer

      I would go with at least a 15 gallon Boil Kettle

      Mash Tun is really going to depend on what he plans to brew. Is he planning on brewing mostly Low ABV beers? Wants to do big Imperial beers? Is he ok with making 5 gallon batches of Imperial beers.

      Personally I have a 10 Gallon Igloo Round Mash Tun and double batch most lighter beers <7% and single batch for any beer >7%. Gives me plenty of space in the cooler for both.

      The biggest concern over doing 5 gallon batches in a 10 gallon system:

      Boiling: If your boil kettle is so big that a 5 gallon batch doesn’t reach the thermometer. As long as your thermometer gets in the boil it is really no problem on the boil side. Or if your boil kettle has a large diameter than the boil off rate might be crazy high

      Mashing: Heat retention in the Mash tun. The temps might vary with the more headspace you have in the cooler.


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