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      Hey everyone.
      I made my kolsch style last weekend. One major thing that came up was cooling the wort. I have an immersion chiller, but it was going on 45 min and it was still not down below 70*. I was thinking of getting a pump to pump ice water through my chiller, that way I could drop the temp faster and save water. So now I have a few questions.

      1. Do I have to get a food grade pump even though I will be pumping cold water?

      2. Where does the pump go? After the ice water bucket pulling the water out and pushing it through the chiller or on the outside of the chiller pushing the water back into the bucket.

      3. Could a pond pump work?

      Thanks in advance.

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      Jeff WilhelmJeff Wilhelm

      You might get with Steve about his wort chiller he made recently. I watched his chiller chill his wort to about 70 in about 10-15 minutes! Damn, I wish mine would do that, mine takes about 45 minutes also 🙁

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      MEGA Admin

      Set your kettle (5gal, right?) in a big utility tub with ice water and a little power head (aquarium pump) to circulate the water.
      I do that plus 3/8\" 25ft immersion chiller and can usually crash 5gal within 10min.

      Give it a shot.


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      Tim Sovine

      You don’t need a food grade pump because it won’t be making contact with the wort. Your setup should be like this: pump in ice water bath connected to silicone hose; silicone hose from pump to immersion chiller; silicone hose from immersion chiller back to ice bath. You may want to put 1/4 turn valve somewhere in the system so you can throttle the flow.

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      I will try the ice bucket also, but if I decide to go to use the pump, will a pond pump work?

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      Tim Sovine

      Yep a pond pump will work.

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