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      What do you all think of Bale top bottles for brewing? I think that’s what they are called…like Grolsh bottles…


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      Ed Raz

      I think you’ll find most guys in the club don’t bottle much but I for one love the grolsh style bottles and have actually purchsed some for ease of bottling.

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      Dave TrippDave Tripp

      I have some I intend to use someday….

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      Jim MolerJim Moler

      I have some I intend to use someday….

      I have a bunch also. they are great. while I think Ed is right most of us do keg. However it’s nice to have a few swing tops on hand for quick bottling.

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      MEGA Admin

      You could use them to bottle a batch of beer, but they are a little spendy for that.
      I’ve got 3 or 4 that I use for quick from-the-tap fills when I’m bringing something to sample.
      There is a guy at work who routinely brings me empty Grolsch bottles… He is a quality control volunteer. 😉


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