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      Dave McVeigh

      The following is being pasted from the SWMBC forum. These will be the styles of the Livery home brew compitition to be judged at Big Brew Day. Best of show in the first 3 categories will have a chance to brew on the Liverys system!!

      OK, a quick note to get us started: for this year’s competition (judged on May 7th), we will have four beer categories for judging. These categories are based on the BJCP beer style guidelines, and those, for the styles below, will be posted shortly. In the meantime, you can start your own research on them and plan on that brew. The competition is already about 7 weeks away (whatever happened to the time?) The four categories are:

      (1) BJCP style/substyle 8B: “Special/Best/Premium Bitter”. An English session beer that still packs in the flavor and character without breaking the bank account and without worrying about where to score your next liver the next day….

      (2) BJCP style/substyle 12B: “Robust Porter”. Ah, that little ruby hint when you hold a glass up to light, that malty base, that complex flavor profile from the darker roasts in the grain bill… Yes, it’s always time for a beer that came before the all-mighty stout…

      (3) BJCP style/substyle 16A: “Witbier”. Competition is in May. Just around the corner comes the glorious southwest Michigan summer. What better than a beautiful straw-colored Belgian wheat to tell us summer is upon us!

      (4) OPEN: all beers that don’t fit in the other three categories are fair game here. You have an exotic brew you have been doing a quintuple fermentation for the last 37 months using 4 different yeast strains? You have travelled to Tibet on a llama caravan to find that esoteric root to use instead of hops? This is the category for this special brew! But note: while all the admiration and glory in beer geekdom will be yours, and while all the hot co-eds will be whispering your name after lights-out, and while all the cool people will certainly want to party with YOU, and while you might even score a prize for winning the category, you will NOT, my friend, be elligible for winning the grand prize, that being getting to brew a “big boy sized” batch at the Livery with Steve and for consumption on said premises.

      More to come shortly, best, Nick and Tony

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      MEGA Admin

      Nice. I’m in. :id

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