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      Chip Lewis

      Has anyone had any luck capping twist off bottles? I found a beer that comes real nice stubby bottles which I would like to use but they only come in twist offs.



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      MEGA Admin

      Although I have no personal experience, I have read that for short-term beers they are fine, they are just more prone to oxidization in the long term.


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      Dave McVeigh

      I’ve heard of people doing it, but many say the bottles blow up easier. If you check the weight, you’ll find the twist off usually are lighter, therefor have thinner glass.

      Mich Dave

      PS. If you’re not carbonating in the bottle, I don’t see a problem.

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      Jeff Sutter

      From the Chicago Beer Society list recently:

      “The adjustments for how tightly you crimp the cap, especially on twist-off bottles, are a very fine line between broken bottles in the machine or caps impossible to actually twist off if it’s too tight, and loose leaking caps if it’s too soft. Some brewers are abandoning twist-offs and going back to bottles that require an opener, because it makes the machine adjustments less critical and error-prone. Homebrewers, with our imprecise hand cappers, usually fail at capping twist-offs.

      Roger Deschner “

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      Jim MolerJim Moler

      How about a Cork and a Wire cap for back up. Unless you bottling a huge Sparkling Ale, I would think a cork would hold standard pressure.I know it’s not the ideal choice
      but if all you’re doing is a Sixer or less than it would be worth a try. :cc

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      tettnang tom


      I would try just a six pack of homebrew reusing your stubby bottles to see how it holds up. Also, I would use a bench capper rather than a hand held. I once tried crimping a cap on a twist off bottle with my hand held. The bottle neck shattered in my hands. Luckily I wasn’t cut. Even better, I was practicing WITHOUT my beer in it! 😛 Glad I didn’t waste any. :kiss:


      P.S. Does anybody remember?? I think Schoenling Little King Ale bottles were standard bottles, not too CUTE, but would dispense smaller servings.


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