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      Went shopping at Costco yesterday and they had a new pallet of good looking honey for a great price (Kirkland Raw Unfiltered Honey). It looks like a wildflower mix, certified USA, at 10$ for a 3 pound bottle. Any honey that is less than $5 a pound is a very good price. It seems like it would be perfect for mead. I haven’t tasted it for flavor yet, but it looks great. Wildflower honey is usually a great base for spiced or fruited meads of any kind, or even a traditional to practice your mead making skills!

      I bought 2 bottles to make a bourbon maple session mead. Should be carbonated and ready for the May meeting, I hope.

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      Shawn Johnson

      Unfortunately there won’t be a May meeting. However, you should definitely bring it to Big Brew Day at 3rd Horse on May 4th!!!!

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