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      Jim MolerJim Moler

      I now have 2 1\6th Barrel kegs with the standard D-Sankey style. both need to be torn down and sanitized.
      Does :any1 have a “special” tool for breaking these down that I can barrow
      or has anyone made a tool?
      I’d like to borrow it long enough to get them cleaned up and sanatized.

      The last time I tore one down I used a Screwdriver and a hammer.
      then I took the Plasma cutter to the top of the keg and made a Keggle
      out of it.

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      MEGA Admin

      If they are anything like a standard keg you should be able to just pry out the lock-ring (I use a dental pick) and spin the spear until it lines up with the key-way. Then the spear should just lift out. Just be careful not to destroy the lock-ring.


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      Jim MolerJim Moler

      thanks Andy. they should be just smaller like standard Corrnie Keg.
      I’ll try one tonight and see how it goes.
      I found this on the more beer site.

      OUCH SALTY!!!!:beerjump

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      tettnang tom


      Use a small flat-tip screwdriver to spring the clip outward so you can grab the ring spring more firmly with small needle nose pliers. It can easily be removed. You don’t need any of the specialty tools. Save your money. :oops


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