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      I wanted to try dry yeast compared to my liquid yeast with a starter. I hear that when you use dry yeast to rehydrate it in 8 oz or so of water. Well, Safale says to pour the packet of yeast, into some wort and mix it up. Then add the rest of the wort to the mixture. I putit in the fermenter on Saturday about 12:30 pm. I checked it today and I would say at 1.003, it is done. HOLY COW! I use Jamil’s Yeast Pitch Calculator when I would make my yeast starters, but NEVER have I had a yeast finish so soon. I will let it sit till Friday night or Saturday and then crash it at 30-32* for a week.

      I am now wondering if doing all that yeast starter was a waste of time. :blink:

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      Chip Lewis

      That’s great Bronson, I told you that US-05 was a great yeast. If we only had the variety in dry yeast that we do with liquid. I’m a APA and IPA guy and like a nice clean yeast for my beers so dry works fine for me. There are a couple strains of liquid that I like and will continue to do starters with those. I do find that I need to mash a little higher when I use US-05 if I don’t want the beer to finish too dry.
      :-ch :-b2

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      Steve Gruver

      +1 to what Chip stated.

      When you’re using a yeast starter with many more millions of yeast cells, it is not uncommon to have a ‘fast’ fermentation.

      Good job!!

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      Jeff WilhelmJeff Wilhelm

      Also, you will want to create a starter, or even multiple steps, with higher gravity beers. This helps increase the population in order to tackle the higher gravity with more success in a reasonable attenuation.

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