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      tettnang tom

      Recent questions on 5.2 usage

      I found a BrewBoard interview of Charlie Talley, inventor of 5.2

      He mentions that 5.2 was invented for Rock Bottom Brewery. While one can deduce that Charlie Talley’s 5.2 formula was exact for Rock Bottom Brewery (multiple locations) How is it formulated to take into account all of the brewing waters in US? Any answers?


      Dec 31, 2005 Brew Board guest Charley Talley Inventor of Five Star 5.2

      Select comments from a program regarding usage of Five Star 5.2 Web search will give text of full interview.

      Q. Can 5.2 mash stabilizer be used in sparge water or is it designed solely for mashing?
      Also, How does using 5.2 mash stabilizer influence what I add to my water…say like if I want to burtonize my water or brew a London porter?

      Charles_Talley: It can be used in either place. It was developed for the Rock Bottom Brewery to keep the pH of there mash at a maximum extraction pH…..

      Q. Will the water be suitable to sparge with or should I further acidify it?

      Charles_Talley: I made 5.2 to replace the phosphoric acid normally used to adjust the sparge water. The 5.2 is what is called acid salts of phosphoric acid. They are in fact the safe form of phosphoric acid……….

      Charles_Talley: Once the 5.2 is used you should not have to acidify any further. Keep in mind that the darker malts will provide additional acid…

      Q. How would you suggest I use 5.2 when brewing an American Pale Ale…in terms of both mash and sparge water additions? Is 5.2 ALL I should use?

      Charles_Talley: Yes. I did most of you work of a Pale Are mash. I found the best result adding to the mash. I should state that my water is 8.5 and the simple addition brought it right in to 5.2. I have also tested water at pH’s of 7 and 6 with the same results.

      Q. How exactly does 5.2 work to buffer without affecting flavor?

      Charles_Talley: 5.2 is a mixture of mono and di-sodium phosphate (food grade). These two salts are tasteless in solution. they have been used in the food industry for years for the same purpose. As I was stating when phosphoric acid is used it combines with the minerals in
      water form the same salts with either a calcium of magninusm component to it.

      Charles_Talley: phosphates are used in most processed meats and in dairy products to buffer the pH. It was a natural progression for me to use them. Our taste buds for all purposed don’t see them or taste them. With all this they are also some of the strongest buffers known

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