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      Ed Raz

      Okay kegging experts,

      I’m on my first kegged corny. John prepped me and everything was going well. The other day I drew a 12 oz glass and it was all foam. Carbed at 30 for 1 day, down to 15 for one day and now at 10#. It’s a wittbier.

      Tonight I drew a 16 oz glass and it was a perfect glass of beer. Second glass was starting to get heady again.

      Any thoughts guys?


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      Jim MolerJim Moler

      What’s the temp of the beer?
      How long is the serving hose?
      Party tap?
      Drop psi on reg. To about 5psi now
      The colder the better. The Co2 will absorb better at colder temps
      But you only need now a few psi to push the beer.
      If you think you must, pop the relief valve
      One time

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      Ed Raz

      32 deg
      18 inch hose w/ party tap. I have it down to 5 now. we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

      Thanks Jim.

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      Dave McVeigh

      It’s either too warm, you have a small leak between the corney and the tap or most likely you need to turn it down to 4-5 LBS.

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      Ed Raz

      I think I had it too high. I turned it down and it seems OK now. Thank guys.


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