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      Steve Gruver

      Crush your grains???

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      MEGA Admin

      JSP Malt Mill adjusted to ~.04


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      tettnang tom

      [file name=CoronaMillHanging.jpg size=24846][/file]

      Hi Steve,

      I have a knock off Corona that I got in Arizona when visiting my son. I plan on getting a Barley Crusher to stimulate the economy, but for now the Corona works well if I put washers in to adjust the crush. I motorized it with a drill and made a wood mount that fits over a five gallon bucket.

      The wood frame unit positioned over the drill fits on top of the Corona receiver. I pulled it off so you could see the design better. Without the cover, this mill throws a lot of grain and dust. A piece of aluminum roof flashing is mounted in front of the mill. This unit folds up and hangs on the wall in a stowed position. Click on the Hanging.jpg to see the folded position.


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      Fred Genslinger

      Andy Walton wrote:

      JSP Malt Mill adjusted to ~.04


      I agree with Andy. My Crankandstien is set at 0.040 and it seems to be a good crush. My efficiency is about 75-78%


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      Jeff WilhelmJeff Wilhelm

      Barley Crusher at factory setting.

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      Dave McVeigh

      3D Crankandstein here. I’ll let you know how I like it when I get something more powerful to turn it.

      In the mean time, back to my corona. I hate it!

      Mich Dave

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