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      So I dry hopped an IPA for the first time, and still had some hop particles floating around which is now clogging tube and fitting on corny keg. Any ideas on how to solve this prob? I took it apart twice and flushed tube and fitting out. Should I wait it out another week and clean again if necessary, or am I screwed?:( Thanks,Josh.

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      Chip Lewis

      Not sure…you could try zip tying a sanitized nylon hop bag to the end of the keg dip tube. Not sure if this would end up clogging or not.


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      Thanks, Chip. I was wondering if I could do something like that.

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      MEGA Admin

      I use a piece of SS hose-braid zip-tied on the end of the dip tube.


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      Dave McVeigh

      I’ve had the same problem. I’ve learned to do my dry hopping in the secondary before transfering into the corny.
      Mich Dave

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      Dave McVeigh

      Don’t listen to me. I just tapped my DIPA and got about 3 oz before it plugged up. I thought I left most of the sediment in the secondary.:(

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