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      Jeff WilhelmJeff Wilhelm

      I have a smaller stainless kettle in which I heat water for brewing.  I am beginning to have more hard water water buildup from my water.  Anyone have suggestions for removing it?



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      Jim MolerJim Moler

      Jeff. I use some reg. old White Vinegar. try to clean with soft water or heat up some distilled water.

      BH uses to clean their instant hot water heater and other things.

      5star makes stuff called BSR Beer stone remover also. or you can go with some other more aggressive Acid cleaners.

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        Adam Meyer

        If using Acid Cleaners make sure to be safe. Read safety warnings and follow instructions. I am not sure about all of them cleaners like Caustic Acid will burn you. Use Safety glasses when using acid cleaners.

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      Jeff WilhelmJeff Wilhelm

      Got it! Just sprayed some vinegar and waited about 30 seconds and a light scrubbing and, voila, nice shiney stainless! 🙂

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