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      Dave McVeigh

      I decided to tap a glass of the Gulden Draak clone I brewed a year or so ago. As I brought the glass to my nose, there was a very intense alcohol smell. I thought it must have continued fermenting over the last year of storage. After tasting it, I think that must be what’s happened. It was STRONG! Most of the flavor was gone or changed. One of the flavors was a distict solvent like taste, but not alcohol. Kinda paint thinner like. Needless to say I dumped to rest of the keg. (less then a gallon)

      My question is: Does anyone know what that solvent flavor was and how it got there? Is this common when a high alcohol brew sets for a year? Any info would be appreciated.

      Mich Dave

      PS. I kinda wish I would have saved some for the meeting. Then if anyone needed to smell or taste it to answer the questions they could. (If they dare)

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      Thats what my apple cider was like after a month. I thought about selling it at the next top fuel event in Joliet!It’s probably some kind of bacteria that does it.

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      Tim Sovine

      Yeah, it’s usually a bacterial infection that causes that. You might have missed sanitizing a bottle or two or had a cap that wasn’t seated properly. I’ve had it happen a couple times too.

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