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      MEGA Admin

      Heya people,
      I have been reading a very interesting thread, on the NB forum, regarding the use of a minute amount of olive oil vs. aeration for yeast population growth.
      Check it out.

      This seems to all be based on the doctoral thesis submitted by Grady Hull of New Belgium Brewery.
      Read the thesis.

      Neat stuff!

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      Jeff WilhelmJeff Wilhelm

      I also read about this method on too…

      Fementation Showdown

      Aeration Using Olive Oil

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      Dave McVeigh

      Missed you at the meeting. I was hoping to pick your brain on using olive oil. This sounds really interesting. I’m going to give it a try the next chance I get. I also hear you are doing experiments with freezing yeast. The last thing I was hoping to ask you about was some of the coding for this website.
      Mich Dave

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      Dave McVeigh

      WOW!! I tried the olive oil for the first time last weekend. Man, does that work good. I brewed a rather light beer for some company I’m expecting soon. 5# of dry extract, 2 ounces Mittlefrau hops and a pack of dry yeast. Within about 8 hrs the brew was at its peak fermentation. I thought it might blow the airlock! This is the way I will be doing it from now on. If you haven’t tried olive oil, you should. All I can say is WOW!
      Mich Dave

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