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      tettnang tom

      Has anyone thought about storing hops in a corney keg?

      Idea: Dry your hops crop as usual,load up a corney keg with your hops, purge with CO2 and store the corney in the freezer or refrigerator under 3 lbs pressure.

      When you need your hops, just take out what you want from the keg, purge again with carbon dioxide, and put it back in the freezer/refrigerator. It probably would be a good idea to put in a couple of silica gel packets in case of moisture. Consider lining the inside of the corney with loose corregated cardboard on sides and bottom so hops won’t come into contact the stainless. If you have several varieties, get the nylon straining bags to separate by variety.

      My reading tells me two issues with storing hops 1.) no oxygen, 2.) store cold. A new FoodSave vacuum costs around $200+, even more with bag rolls. Bulk corney storage would be quicker than individual bags.

      I would appreciate comments on this method.

      tt :bw


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      Chip Lewis

      Sounds like it would work but might take up a lot of space. I’d suggest going to Kmart and getting a vacuum sealer. They have models that go for around $40 and a roll of bags is $20. This is what I use and it works great, gets those whole hops down nice and small to save room in the freezer.



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      tettnang tom

      Thanks Chip,

      I think it would work, but your are right, it would take up a lot of space. I could probably store my entire crop in a corney, but would risk it all :-ag, if this process doesn’t workout!:woohoo:

      tt :pb

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      MEGA Admin

      Hi Tom,
      I use Mason jars and this:

      It doesn’t get much easier, IMO.


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