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      Fred Genslinger

      Does anyone know,…. are stout faucets really necessary? My keggerator has 3 taps and I have brewed my first stout this week and I am sure I will usually use one of the thre tappers for a stout of some sort. What are the benefits to a stout faucet and what does the design of it do?


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      Steve Gruver

      Fred: Are Nitrogen gas-based Stout Faucets necessary? Probably not, as CO2 will do a sufficient job in serving any beer type.

      However, using CO2 only with a “Guiness” style tap would not make sense.

      Here’s a little back ground of what Nitrogen and Nitrogen/CO2 mix (or beer gas) will do for your stouts:

      Nitrogen is used under high pressure when dispensing dry stouts (such as Guinness) and other creamy beers because it displaces CO2 to (artificially) form a rich tight head and a less carbonated taste. This makes the beer feel smooth on the palate and gives a foamy appearance. Premixed bottled gas for creamy beers is usually 75% Nitrogen and 25% CO2. This premixed gas which only works well with creamy beers is often referred to as Guinness Gas, Beer Gas, or Aligal. Using “Beer Gas” with more common ale and lager styles can cause the last 5% to 10% of the beer in each keg to taste very flat and lifeless

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      Fiddlers Hearth has/had Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout on nitrogen. I have tried Old Rasputin from the bottle. It is good, but to me has just a little harsh notes to it.

      On nitrogen it was VERY good. Almost a totally different beer. It was softer, not so harsh.

      Maybe if you have an over bitter beer, you could put it on nitrogen to soften it up.

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      MEGA Admin

      …Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout on nitrogen.

      It is very good from the bottle (better with age IMO), but I whole heartedly agree that it is THE BOMB on nitro.

      :bb :ds :bb

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