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Michiana Festival of Beers 2021

On October 16, 2021 Michiana Extract & Grain Association participated in the 2nd annual Michiana Festival of Beers.

We had about 20 beers on tap and served about 800 attendees.

MEGA Homebrew for Humanity is comprised of a group of organizers who are passionate about the craft beer culture. We see an ongoing opportunity to foster community-building initiatives by embracing local craft beer, food, music and charities. We also believe that through education we can make a difference by advocating responsible consumption of adult beverages.

We advocate craft breweries for the sake of preserving and advancing the availability of high-quality beer. We support their missions; we don’t exploit them!

Our vision is clear: We see the Michiana Festival of Beers as an annual opportunity to share our passion, thereby expanding our ability to give assistance to those in our community who are in need.

The Michiana Festival of Beers committee is not in this to make a profit. Most of all we will donate the net proceeds to our charities each year. In the 5 year history of the festival, we have donated over $25,000 to local charities.


If we had to sum up craft brewers in one word, that word would be Passion; Passion for their craft, their products and the people who support them.

We believe it’s our highest calling to use Our passion and energy to assist the people of our community who are in need. We selected one very worthy charity this year because they mirror our beliefs: Resale to the Rescue.

For more information about the Michiana Festival of Beers event, you can visit the event website or their Facebook page.

Michiana Festival of Beers presents check to Resale to the Rescue